Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Adoption Celebration Update and More!

Have a bunch of photos to share with you today from our Adoption Celebration event on March 1st! We have so many wonderful people to thank for helping us put on this event! Please know that we greatly appreciate all of your donations of time and $$$ to support our adoption, but we must thank a few people specifically!

Thanks to:
Nick Bal, our emcee
Cindy Welsher, speaker
Miriam Sayre, speaker
Kraig Hills, speaker
Justin Meyer, sharing special music
Jared & Sara Osterloh, Event planner
Jason & Rachel Cunningham, Event planner
Ben & Bianca Boscaljon, Event planner and silent auction superstar!
Nate & Libby Hellenga, Event planner and prayer warriors
Stasos Clark and Central City Soccer crew, dinner preparation
Shaly Moyal and crew, event set-up and tear down
Our Small Group, for so much help!

Also, dinner thanks to:
Paul Williamson

Other business donations and help from:
Fitness by Design
Fireplace & BBQ Store
Musical Aerobics

We are so incredibly humbled and overwhelmed by the beautiful outpouring of love and support we felt that night and are still feeling. It was so wonderful to share our story with our friends and family and create more awareness for God's special plan for adoption.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Etsy Special!

We have much to update you on regarding the Adoption Celebration but until our next post...I'm running a special in my etsy shop. (Thank you for the sales, by the way)! From now until all the cards are gone (there are 26 left), you can choose ANY 7 cards for just $20 (including first class shipping)!!!! That's less than $3.00 per card! To purchase your cards, just visit my etsy shop http://jillcornell.etsy.com and e-mail the names of the cards you want - cornellgj@yahoo.com. I'll send you a paypal invoice to pay for them. It's first come, first serve! And, remember all proceeds from card sales go to adoption costs!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Another way to help

Jill has opened her own etsy shop (a community of artists selling handmade arts and crafts). She loaded 40 cards into the shop yesterday and today. All of the proceeds from card sales will go toward adoption costs. Please check out her shop here: http://jillcornell.etsy.com. A preview of what's in the shop is on the right hand side of this blog.

Thanks for looking! :)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Silent Auction Donations

The Adoption Celebration fundraiser is quickly approaching and items for the silent auction are starting to roll in! Today, we're sharing a partial list of baskets and items that have been donated as well as a short description of each. There's a wide range to choose from no matter your interest! College guys and gals, you might consider pooling your money to grab the "Dessert of the Month" or a BBQ basket! Or there's options for Mother's Day, Father's Day, graduations, weddings and baby gifts! Remember, this is just a sampling of what's been donated...check it out!

Health and Fitness Basket
This basket has everything you need to put your new years resolution into motion...
*Curves- Free Registration and First Month Free Curves on 42nd St.
*Fitness By Design - 4 Free Classes Choose from Strength Training, Yoga, Pilates
*Musical Aerobics- One 8 Week Session
Choose from Aerobics, Aerobic Tae Boxing, Strength and Stretch, and Cardio Blast
*One Personal Training Session from Tracey Orman- Nationally Certified Personal Trainer
Choose from: cardio, strength, or yoga
*One Personal Training Session from Joy Greer- Nationally Certified Personal Trainer
Choose from: cardio, strength, or yoga
*Set of 5 pound hand weights, a set of 3 pound hand weights and a Fitness By Design Water Bottle

Date Night Basket
Here is a chance to have a night out with the one you love. Included in this basket are 2 tickets to Comedy Experiment at the Civic Center Stoner Theatre, a gift card to go out to dinner, and a romantic CD. ENJOY!

Baking Basket
You can bake to your hearts content with this basket. In this basket you will find 2 aprons, one adult size and one child size for your assistant. You will also find a whisk, measuring spoons, spatula, and 6 ready to go baking mixes.

BBQ #1 Basket

Everything you need to grill out this summer, and I mean EVERYTHING! This basket includes a grill, poultry roaster, professional marinade injector, BBQ grill brush, tongs, mop style basting brush, Paul Kirk's Championship BBQ cookbook, Sweet Rub BBQ spice, gourmet BBQ seasoning and rub, and of course gourmet BBQ sauce.

BBQ #2 Basket
All the accessories you need for a great barbeque. This basket includes a KC BBQ cookbook, 4 varieties of BBQ sauce and 3 varieties of BBQ seasoning (all made in or around Kansas City) and a set of BBQ tools.

Chocolate Lovers Basket
Chocolates, chocolate, chocolate, everything a chocolate lover needs. This basket has hot chocolate, chocolate roses, hershey kisses, m&m’s and much much more.

Family Night Basket
This family fun basket has everything your family needs to have a great time, movie passes, gift card to Happy Joes Pizza, Popcorn and a Popcorn Bowl, and a jar of ready to go cookie mix. YUM!

Kitchen Basket
Start up kitchen set or an opportunity to spruce up your kitchen supplies, this kitchen basket has all the essentials spoons, spatulas, measuring cups, measuring spoons, magnets, towels, pot holders, a cookie jar and much much more.

Baby Basket
Perfect for a new mom, a baby shower or your little one, this baby basket is filled with love and a Sweet Pea Boppy Pillow, Rock N Rings, Elephant Shape Sorter, Animal Towel, Aqua Teether, Toy Teething Keys, Strawberry Vibrating Teether, Plush musical caterpillar, Bear Blanket, Laundry bag and Link-a-doos.

Cleaning Basket
This cleaning basket has everything you need to get your house clean and keep it clean. First of all this basket includes a gift certificate for 6 hours of cleaning/organizing from Carol Bal. Her motto is “I clean the best because Mom demanded the best”. Also to help keep your house clean you will find glass cleaner, paper towels, a scrubber, all purpose cleaner and all of the cleaning products you need to keep your house spic and span.

I Love Iowa Basket
Everyone’s favorite state, home sweet home. This I Love Iowa basket includes a Feb./March issue of "Our Iowa" magazine, C.D. of Iowa's pianist Jim McDonough, Cyclone bites, Jolly Time microwave popcorn, Chocolate Storybook bag of Caramel/Cheese popcorn, Iowa Hawkeyes magnet, Iowa State Cyclone mechanical pencil, Iowa State eyeglass/cellphone case, bag of Black Jack taffy candy, Beanpod Cinnamon Spice candle, Kramer's Salsa, and deck of "Iowa' cards.

Movie Night #1 Basket
Everything you need to make your movie night complete! This basket includes two boxes of microwave buttered popcorn, one large family popcorn container, and four smaller individual popcorn containers, perfect for the kids. There is one box of carmel popcorn and six boxes of candy to enjoy. There is a Papa John’s gift card so you don’t have to worry about dinner. Seven dvds finish off this movie basket. The titles are Fireproof, The Sandlot, The Princess Bride, Cheaper By The Dozen, Ever After, Sahara, Italian Job, and Never Been Kissed. Enjoy the show!

Cozy Night Together Basket
This cozy night basket is filled with a beautiful hand crocheted blanket, a cinnamon apple scented candle, apple juice and mulling spices, two mugs and popcorn. Perfect for a cozy night together.

Recipe Box
This is a unique recipe box created by Jill Cornell and filled with delicious recipes from the women of WCCC.

Family Estate Plan
Family Estate Planning provided by Joel Huston, attorney at the Hogan Law Office.
Contingent Trust Will - Leaves estate to surviving spouse, or if no surviving spouse, estate is held in trust for the benefit of minor children until reaching certain ages, when kids are entitled to distributions. It also nominates guardians for children if no surviving spouse.
Durable POA Health -- Nominates a person (usually spouse) as attorney-in-fact to access health care information and make health care decisions in emergencies when the principal is incapacitated.
Durable POA Financial -- Nominates a person (usually spouse) as attorney-in-fact to access financial information and make financial decisions in emergencies when the principal is incapacitated.
Living Will -- Sets forth a person's wishes regarding whether he or she wishes to have artificial life support (respiration and/or nutrition) withheld if that person has no reasonable likelihood of recovery.

Dessert of the Month
Enjoy one homemade dessert each month for an entire year provided to you by one of the women of WCCC.

Handyman Services
Need something fixed in your house? This is a gift certificate for 3 hours of handyman services provided by Randy Nordaker.


Need a break from cleaning? This item is 3 hours of house cleaning provided to you by Sarah Skoglund.

Intro to Piano
Interested in learning the piano? This is for you! Three intro to piano lessons provided to you by Carrie Krupke.

Family/Child Photo shoot

Capture the moment with a one hour photo shoot provided to you by Carrie Krupke. You can choose to have family pictures done or a have your child’s pictures taken.

Mary Kay
Two appointment spa package and custom make over with Mary Kay consultant Emily Peterson including a 20 dollar gift certificate towards Mary Kay products. The first appointment you will receive a facial and get your picture taken. At the (optional) second appointment you will receive a custom make over based on your features such as hair color, eye color, face shape etc. You will have hundreds of hair and make up choices to choose from in creating your new look.

"Duet" acrylic/weed painting
This beautiful painting was hand crafted by Pete Cornell (Glen’s Dad). This would look great in anyone’s living or dining room.

Garden Art
These unique garden art pieces were hand crafted by Diane Nielsen (Jill’s cousin).
Perfect to decorate your front lawn or garden.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Praise God!

This photo was taken about 10 minutes after we found out we were chosen by a birth mom to be the adoptive parents of TWIN GIRLS! Our expressions make me laugh because Glen looks happy-go-lucky and I'm a cross between crying and smiling so much my face might crack! :) The scrapbooker in me had to take a photo to preserve this moment in our lives. We met with our birth mom on Saturday and she told us at that time that we were the family she had chosen. The twins are due on May 8th. We were also invited to go with to her next ultrasound appointment on Monday. It's been a few days now since we heard the news and Glen and I are both still in a daze. :)

Friends, our God is so good to us! We have been praying and praying faithfully for almost five years that we would have a child and God has blessed us beyond anything we can comprehend. Ephesians 3:20 says "Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think." There are so many stories we could share with you about how God has orchestrated everything to this moment. We're continuing to trust His plan for us and would ask for your prayers that everything goes smoothly. Our birth mom is the most amazing woman who is also a believer in Christ. We would also ask that you pray for her as this is difficult for her emotionally.

Thank you for letting us share our exciting news with you! :)

Glen & Jill

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Here's a list of baskets that have been donated for the silent auction so far!

Arts and Crafts
Movie Night
Chocolate Lovers
Health and Fitness
Date Night
Coffee Lovers
Book Lovers
Family Fun Night
Cleaning Basket

Other individual items that have been donated include:
handyman services 3 hours
Intro to pian lessons 3 hours
Family/Child photoshoot 1 hour
Family Estate Plan

Would you like to donate a basket but can't think of an idea?
Day at the Pool
Pamper Me
Road Trip

Other ideas for individual items include:
recipe box
yard work

The Cost of Adoption

Domestic and international adoptions can both be very expensive and the money needed to adopt can be the primary barrier of a family wanting to adopt. The Cornell's are pursuing domestic infant adoption through Bethany Christian Services.

Here is a breakdown of their agency adoption costs and the amount needed to finalize the adoption:
Formal application fee: $500
Homestudy fee: $2,500
Family profiling fee: $2,000
Total: $5,000 (already paid by the Cornell's to the adoption agency)

Placement of child: $15,000
Total: $15,000 (the amount needed at placement of a child)

Other costs incurred:
Background Check and Fingerprinting fees: $100 (already paid)
Supplies for Agency Profiling Services: $300 (already paid)
Lawyer fees for finalization of adoption 6 months after placement: $2,000 (estimated and still needed)

Total amount still needed for adoption: $17,000

The costs associated with the adoption include agency and paperwork fees. (More will be shared in another blog post about the adoption process.) Glen and Jill have applied for grants to assist them in the adoption process and were very blessed to receive a $2,500 grant from LifeSong for Orphans. It is a matching grant, meaning that Glen and Jill must fundraise at least $2,500 to match the amount provided by this ministry.

If you would like to help Glen & Jill adopt, you can make a 100% tax-deductible donation to LifeSong for Orphans. Be sure to write (Cornell #730 adoption) in the memo section of your check and send to:

LifeSong for Orphans
P.O. Box 40 / 202 N. Ford St.
Gridley, IL 61744

You can also make a donation at any Wells Fargo Bank to the "Wells Fargo Bank Cornell Adoption Fund." Checks may also be mailed to:

Wells Fargo Bank
Cornell Adoption Fund
2840 Ingersoll Ave.
Des Moines, IA 50312

The phone number for the bank is (515) 237-5196. You can also donate via their paypal account at cornellgj@yahoo.com. Any donations made through Wells Fargo Bank or paypal will not be tax-deductible.

Thanks for your support!